For teams such as the Lakers, old school Bulls & Pacers we knew who would take shots that were all or nothing. Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and Reggie Miller were the only players on their teams who would have the ball and make clutch shots in late game situations. The modern day Heat have two elite caliber players who could take that shot, however that hasn't been the case. Last night in Boston during game 4 the Miami Heat had the ball with less than 15 seconds left. It's the fourth quarter, and you have two of the best players in the world. Dwyane Wade the proclaimed modern day  ultimate closer took the ball, pump faked his defender and missed a 3 pointer that would have won the game. Now I'm not going to sit here and say he should make every shot. Seeing as how he is payed to do what I can't do which is play pro-basketball at an Elite level. However there is a bad pattern brewing among the Heat superstars, as they lost last night 93-91.


Boston tied this series 2-2, and in two games in this series we have seen either Lebron James or Dwyane Wade miss go ahead walk off shots. In fact since last years playoffs Wade is 0-4, and Lebron is 0-3 with late game tying shots or walk off game winners. The rest of the team is 0-3. If your a Heat fan this isn't a good sign, because two of the most dynamic and talented players in the NBA can't find a way to end the game or stay alive at the buzzer. So the question remains, who takes the shot ?


 My guess is you keep trying with both of them until they both hit one. If Coach Spoelstra finds it that his team continues to get into these situations he may try someone else such as Mario Chalmers or a healthy Chris Bosh when he returns. If you remember last year Bosh hit a game winner in the playoffs. Now this situation is a tough one, because the amount of opportunity's to hit a walk off are so small in the NBA, that is why Wade and James only combine for 7 attempts.


Still it's the playoffs, and with two games coming down to overtime in this Eastern Conference Finals you have to work on these things. Lebron James and Dwyane Wade have to be that player in crucial times, and the team must work on positioning in those situations. Game 5 may be host to another over time or possibly another walk off chance. Maybe...just maybe, the question will get an answer.


Game 5 is Tuesday at 8:30pm, On ESPN