If you tuned into ESPN anytime since last night you might have seen highlights of NFL pre-season games, or Tiger's status in the PGA tours going on. However the NBA found a way to become numero uno in headlines again, with a blockbuster trade going down. The Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic, Philadelphia 76ers, and Denver Nuggets were apart of the four team trade that sent 3-time Defensive Player of the Year Dwight Howard to LA. Big man Andrew Bynum was sent to the 76ers, and talented forward Andre Iguodala will be calling Denver home for now.



Other players were involved in the deal as well, but perhaps the most important piece in my opinion was Laker's forward Pau Gasol. The 2-time NBA Champion was NOT moved, making this trade even better for the City of Angels. Now the Lakers have Gasol still, and have added the NBA's most dominant post presence. This deal was not only an answer to the recent Laker struggles, but another prime time big man grab that we've seen from this legendary franchise. Howard will join a list of great Laker big men such as Shaquille O'neal, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and George Mikan. He has some big shoes to fill.


Another interesting factor is the moving of 2-time NBA Champion Andrew Bynum, who is regarded as the 2nd best big man in the game behind Howard. Now he will have a home in Philadelphia with head coach Doug Collins who I'm sure is glad to have the big man. Bynum will bring the much needed post presence the 76ers need in the Eastern Conference, a presence that is widely known to stifle the defending Champion Miami Heat. So this is a big deal for 76er nation. They will however miss their captain Andre Iguodala who will be in Denver. I'm sure he will miss were he started, but he will be playing for a pretty good team and head coach in George Karl.


With this deal going down many things are certain Denver got a bit bitter especially on the defensive side, the 76ers gained an impact piece which could vault them higher in the Eastern conference, the Magic will be rebuilding for a while, and the Lakers are for sure locked into the Western Conference Finals. The Laker organization did what they needed to do to improve the team, and I'm excited to see how things go for Laker Nation. Dwight Howard will control the lane defensively, and on offense he still puts up 20 ppg with 14 rebounds. Then you add a floor general in Steve Nash that will put teammates in a position to score, and can still get his own points.


The moves the Laker's made not only improved the roster by a lot, but they took pressure of off Kobe's shoulder. LA's Point guard production was one of the worst in the NBA, then they get a top 10 pg in Nash. Then they get the best big man in the game, while also keeping one of the best power forwards in the game. Head coach Mike Brown is one of the best defensive coaches in the league, it's the offense he must get squared away. Remember Kobe has experience teaming with Howard so they can co-exist (08 Olympics).


Once Coach Brown and the team get the chemistry going, were looking at one of the most scary team's in recent years. And LA can thank GM Mitch Kupchak for that. Who knows we might even see the Finals we've been waiting for.