It only took 8 weeks but I finally had a good week of picking games!  I went 12-1 which is far and beyond the best week I've ever had.  I will admit the slate of games was not the hardest to pick but 2 of my 3 upsets of the Raiders and Cardinals turned out to be true.  Thanks a lot Jets for keeping me from a perfect week of picks...

This week looks a lot tougher to pick and I'm sure I'll be back to my usually mediocre picking ways.  Without further-a-do lets pick the Week 9 slate of games!


Week 8 Results: 12-1

Game Picks Overall: 73-47

Upset of the Week Overall: 3-5 (Picked Raiders over Steelers, Won) 

Eliminator Challenge Pick: 7-1 (Picked Saints over Bills, Won)

Against the Spread: 4-5 (Got Packers -10 and Patriots -6.5 right but Jets +6.5 wrong)


Week 9 Picks (Bold Indicates My Pick):

Cincinnati Bengals @ Miami Dolphins: The Bengals offense has been better than I thought it'd be.  If Marvin Jones is a legit #2 wide receiver next to A.J. Green, this team will be tough to beat.  I do have some concerns on their secondary as they've lost by Leon Hall and Taylor Mays for the year.  The Dolphins have allowed the most sacks in the NFL and the Bengals front 7 should be able to exploit that.  Bengals by 13.

Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers: The Falcons are just not good anymore.  Matt Ryan threw 4 picks in the 2nd half last week vs the Cardinals and faces another defense that can bring the pressure in Carolina.  The Panthers are over .500 for the first time in 70 games and could potentially be fighting for a wild card spot.  The Falcons offense and defense will struggle once again.  Panthers by 7.

Tennessee Titans @ St. Louis Rams: Jake Locker vs Kellen Clemens!  Talk about a marque QB matchup!  The Titans and Rams defenses are not bad and will definitely keep this a low scoring game.  Whoever turns the ball over more in this game will be the loser.  I think the Rams scratch this one out at home.  Rams by 3.

New Orleans Saints @ New York Jets: The Jets have a win/loss pattern so far this season.  If they want to keep that pattern alive, they will have to rebound vs the dynamic Saints offense.  The Jets defense allowed Cincinnati to move at will down the field last week and if they want to beat Drew Brees and the Saints, they can't let that happen again.  I think the Saints come marching into Met Life and torch the Jets in Week 9.  Saints by 14.

San Diego Chargers @ Washington Redskins: Want to hear a shocking stat?  The San Diego Chargers have given up the 2nd least amount of sacks in the NFL this year.  A rejuvenated Philip Rivers and Danny Woodhead will torch this pathetic Washington defense all game long.  Watch to see how well RG3 is running as he hurt his left knee last week. Chargers by 7.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Oakland Raiders: The Eagles will return to Nick Foles after a putrid two weeks out of Matt Barkley and injured Michael Vick.  An offense at one point thought to be un-stoppable is now easily stoppable.  Raiders' QB Terrelle Pryor ran for a 93 yard touchdown on the first play from scrimmage last week vs the Steelers.  I think Pryor is in for another good day vs the bad Eagles defense.  Raiders by 7.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Seattle Seahawks: The Buccaneers are a mess.  The Seahawks are almost unbeatable at home.  Need I say more?  Seahawks by 24.

Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns: Joe Flacco and John Harbaugh have never lost to the Cleveland Browns in 11 games since 2008.  They also have never lost a game coming off of a bye.  Both teams are top 5 in sacks, so whichever team protects their QB the best should have a huge advantage.  Ray Rice really enjoys playing against the Cleveland Browns, so this could be a huge week for his psyche.  Ravens by 10.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ New England Patriots: Tom Brady does not look like Tom Brady anymore.  He has thrown for over 300 yards only once, has 9 touchdowns to 6 interceptions, and has by far his lowest completion percentage in his career at 55.7.  The Steelers pass defense has been pretty good this year, so if the Patriots want to win this game they will need to get Steven Ridley and Brandon Bolden going in the running game.  It's hard to pick against the Patriots at home and I can't this week.  Patriots by 4.

Indianapolis Colts @ Houston Texans: Before the season we thought that this AFC South battle would be a very important game.  With the Texans struggling as much as they have, this is a must win game for them.  Head Coach Gary Kubiak has decided to give Case Keenum another start at QB over the now healthy Matt Schaub.  The Colts, coming off their bye, are playing their first game without Reggie Wayne.  I still think the Colts have enough weapons in the passing game to take advantage of the Texans' shaky secondary.  Colts by 7.

Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers: Another game that we anticipated to be much more exciting in August, the Bears lead by Josh McCown will take on the Packers in Lambeau Field.  The Packers hope to get wide receiver James Jones back in the lineup this week with their thinning receiving core.  Even if he doesn't, Aaron Rodgers seems to have a knack of making a star out of anyone.  The perfect example of that? Jarrett Boykin.  The Bears must stop the Packers dynamic offense and give a heavy dose of Matt Forte if they want to stick around in this one.  I think that's asking for way too much.  Packers by 13.


Seth's Upset of the Week:

Kansas City Chiefs @ Buffalo Bills: The Chiefs are the last remaining undefeated team at 8-0.  The last two weeks at home they have just barely beaten two mediocre teams in the Texans and Browns.  Now they travel on the road to Buffalo to face a better than you'd think defense.  Mario Williams is finally showing why he was paid all the money in the world last off-season.  The Chiefs will need to get ahead early if they want to win this game because I have my doubts about them making a comeback on the road.  I think this is the week where Cinderella finally leaves the dance.  Bills by 4.


Seth's Eliminator Challenge Pick:

Minnesota Vikings @ Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys can't afford to lose again, especially to a really bad team like the Vikings.  They should be able to move the ball easily on offense and shouldn't have too much of a problem defending the pass.  As long as Adrian Peterson is only getting 13 carries a game, I will always pick against the Vikings.  Cowboys by 14.


Seth's Against The Spread Picks of the Week:

Cincinnati Bengals (-3): I don't usually like picking the Thursday night games but there aren't too many great spreads this week.  I feel pretty confident that the Bengals are a much better team than the Dolphins and should easily win by 3 or more on the road.

Seattle Seahawks (-16): The Buccaneers are just awful.  I know the line is really big but the Buccaneers pathetic offense coming into Seattle to face that defense?  Give me, give me!

Baltimore Ravens (-2.5): All the Ravens need to do is win by a field goal.  And like I wrote earlier, Joe Flacco and John Harbaugh have never lost to the Browns or coming off of a bye.


That's it for this week. If you'd like to see me tweet about football during the week please follow me at @RavenNation21. I'd also be glad to answer any fantasy football questions you may have for me. Have a great Week 9!