It's already Week 7...can you believe that!?  The NFL season always goes by so fast, and we're already almost to the halfway point of the regular season.

We have a fascinating week of games headlined by Peyton Manning's return to Indianapolis.  I have a few interesting upsets this week that hopefully pan out for once!  So lets get this show on the road!

Week 6 Results: 9-6

Game Picks Overall: 53-39

Upset of the Week Overall: 2-4 (Picked Cardinals over 49ers, Lost) 

Eliminator Challenge Pick: 5-1 (Picked Bears over Giants, Won)

Against the Spread: 1-2 (Got Jags +26.5 right but Saints +2.5 and Cardinals +10.5 wrong)


Week 6 Picks (Bold Indicates My Pick):

Seattle Seahawks 34 @ Arizona Cardinals 22: I just don't trust the Arizona offense as long as it is being led by Carson Palmer and Rashard Mendanhall.  The Arizona defense is up and coming but I still think they have some kinks to work out against the run.  There may be no better team at running the ball and creating turnovers than the Seahawks.

Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins: Thad Lewis scored three touchdowns last week vs a solid Bengals' defense.  Now he goes on the road to face a decent defense in Miami.  I think this Bills team is a little better than people think and I don't trust Miami's offense one bit.  Bills by 4.

Chicago Bears @ Washington Redskins: I warned you America!  I've been saying all season long that the Redskins have the worst defense in the NFL.  Now they have to face a Bears offense that has been putting up a lot of points this season.  While the Bears mediocre defense may let the Redskins stick around in this game, I think Jay Cutler and crew should be in for a good day.  Bears by 7.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Detroit Lions: The Bengals are not that good.  Just like my Redskins' defense statement, this is another point I've been trying to make all season long.  They just went to overtime vs Thad Lewis and the Bills, and now travel to face the high flying Lions in Ford Field.  Calvin Johnson has had a much healthier week in practice and it looks like he may finally get back to his normal workload.  If healthy, expect a big game for Megatron vs an overrated secondary.  Lions by 10.

Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles: Two good offenses vs two bad defenses.  Nick Foles will attempt to Wally Pip the QB job from Michael Vick with another solid performance on Sunday.  The Cowboys won a game last week in a way they hadn't in past years: special teams.  The Cowboys will be without both DeMarcus Ware and DeMarco Murray in this game.  Whoever has the ball last could decide the outcome of this game.  Cowboys by 4.

St. Louis Rams @ Carolina Panthers: Did the Rams and Panthers win last week because of the incompetence of their opponent or because of a really good performance on the road?  Both of these teams showed some life last week scoring 35+ points in Week 6.  While I don't trust Ron Rivera one bit, I know Cam Newton can explode for a big game at anytime.  I was wrong on the Rams offense, I can't trust them anymore.  Panthers by 13.

New England Patriots @ New York Jets: I was considering picking the Jets as one of my upsets this week but then I heard that Rob Gronkowski was coming back.  The Patriots have been terrible in the redzone, so having back the freak-athlete Gronkowski will help dramatically.  Keep your eye on the Patriots run defense without both Wilfork and Mayo, who are out for the year; it could be a work in progress without them.  Patriots by 7.

San Francisco 49ers @ Tennessee Titans: I guess you could call this my other upset of the week.  I know it's Ryan Fitzpatrick, and I'm probably really dumb for picking against San Francisco for the third week in a row, but I'm doing it again!  I have not been impressed with the way this 49ers offense has looked this year.  It seems like they've completely scraped the read option that was so successful for them last year.  The Titans defense has also been surprisingly really good so far this year and I'm banking on them pressuring Kaepernick all day long. Titans by 3.

Cleveland Browns @ Green Bay Packers: The Packers are going to be without James Jones, Randall Cobb, and Clay Mathews in this game.  However, even with those losses, I don't think the Browns have a shot to win this game.  Yes, the Browns defense is much improved from past years, but this Packers defense is a lot better than it was a year ago.  You just don't pick against the Packers at Lambeau Field.  Packers by 14.

Houston Texans @ Kansas City Chiefs: The Kansas City Chiefs are 6-0 and the only thing in the way of improving to 7-0 is Case Keenum and the Texans.  The undrafted rookie out of Houston will be making his NFL debut on Sunday in one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL.  This whole Texans team has been in a downward spiral and everything seems to be going right in Kansas City.  I think the pick-six streak stays alive for the fifth straight week! Chiefs by 17.

Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers: The Ravens and Steelers renew one of the best rivalries in football on Sunday afternoon.  These two teams have struggled to find an identity on offense, due in part to awful offensive line play.  If Jim Caldwell's terrible offensive playcalling for the Ravens doesn't change, they may be in deep trouble.   The Baltimore defense has been playing very well, which should give them the slight edge in this game.  Ravens by 3.

Denver Broncos @ Indianapolis Colts: Both Joe Montana and Brett Favre won their homecoming games vs the franchise that once let them go.  I think Peyton Manning will add his name to that list with a shelling of the Colts on Sunday Night.  I like this Colts team but I still think this defense is vulnerable.  The Broncos, as if they needed anymore help, will get Von Miller back from his six game suspension this week.  Broncos by 10.

Minnesota Vikings @ New York Giants: One of these teams have to win...right?  Both the Vikings and Giants have been two of the most disappointing teams so far in the 2013 season.  The Vikings will turn to recently signed QB Josh Freeman, to try to right the ship in Minnesota.  The team that turns the ball over the least will win this game.  I'm going to trust the QB who has been with his team longer than one week.  Giants by 4.


Seth's Upset of the Week:

San Diego Chargers @ Jacksonville Jaguars: I have a gut feeling about this one!!!  The Jaguars surprised a lot of people with the way they played the Broncos last Sunday.  I've been on record saying that I don't think Chad Henne is a bad NFL QB and I believe he will prove that this week.  The Chargers have to fly across the country on a short week to play a possible trap game vs the worst team in the league.  I think the Jaguars and their five fans can celebrate on Sunday because I think you guys pull the upset!  Jaguars by 4.


Seth's Eliminator Challenge Pick:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Atlanta Falcons: There really wasn't any surefire eliminator picks that I could find this week.  I settled on Atlanta because I don't think they will lose three of their first four home games this week.  Plus it's really hard to pick a Buccaneers team that is in a really sticky situation right now with a rookie quarterback.  The Buccs defense will probably keep this close but I think it's safe to assume Atlanta prevails in the end.  Falcons by 7.


Seth's Against The Spread Picks of the Week:

Chicago Bears (-1): The Redskins are just not a good football team at all.  The Bears are 3rd in the NFL in points per game and I think will safely win by more than 1 point vs this weak Redskins defense.

Kansas City Chiefs (-6.5): A rookie quarterback making his NFL debut vs the Chiefs amazing defense in Arrowhead?  I predicted that the Chiefs will win this by 17 and that may be too low.  

Buffalo Bills (+7): Take the points.  The Dolphins are not that good of a football team.  If the Bills lose this game I think it could be by a field goal.  The Dolphins are not good at defending the run, and running the rock is the Bills specialty.


That's it for this week. If you'd like to see me tweet about football during the week please follow me at @RavenNation21. I'd also be glad to answer any fantasy football questions you may have for me. Have a great Week 7!