When Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh decided to team up two summers ago one of the major factors going into that trio forming was the success the Boston Celtics had doing the same thing. Getting past the Celtics in the playoffs alone was something the three stars couldn't do, and as of recently as a group they have done it twice. Now in an odd twist, 1/3 of the big three that terrorized them and the rest of NBA for years will make the NBA's best team, even more scarier.



Pat Riley has done it again, as he has successfully recruited the NBA's most prolific shooter Ray Allen. Allen's free agency timeline was filled with doubt, people thought Boston was too beloved for him to leave. Then questions of relationship issues with Rajon Rondo came to surface. Others thought maybe the chance to start for teams such as the improving  Clippers or Timberwolves would attract Ray. And others felt the undeniable feeling of a title chance in Miami would prove to be too much to turn down. Those people were right, as the NBA's leading 3-point shooter agreed to the mini mid-level deal worth 3 million. This deal brings an end to the big three Era in Boston, one that brought the city a championship.



What does this mean for the defending champions? Well a major improvement off the bench. If you remember how the Heat played in the NBA finals, it was the production of the bench from beyond the arc that helped capture the title. With a player such as Ray Allen who adds championship experience, hard work, and great 3-point shooting this was a great day for Heat Nation. From the look of things next season will be even more drama filled. Don't believe me tune into the first game between Boston and Miami next year, should make for some great TV.