This is my favorite baseball article to write every single year.  I'm not a big fan of the MLB All-Star game itself but boy do I love the roster selection process.  This article reflects who I think deserves to make the team, not necessarily who will actually make it.  Without further ado, lets check out my 2014 MLB All-Star teams!


American League Roster

American League Starting Lineup:

1. 2B, Jose Altuve, Astros (2nd time All-Star)

2. CF, Mike Trout, Angels (3rd time All-Star)

3. 1B, Miguel Cabrera, Tigers (9th time All-Star)

4. RF, Jose Bautista, Blue Jays (5th time All-Star)

5. DH, Nelson Cruz, Orioles (3rd time All-Star)

6. 3B, Josh Donaldson, Athletics (1st time All-Star)

7. LF, Michael Brantley, Indians (1st time All-Star)

8. C, Derek Norris, Athletics (1st time All-Star)

9. SS, Alexei Ramirez, White Sox (1st time All-Star)

Starting Pitcher: Masahiro Tanaka (1st time All-Star)


American League Reserves:

Catcher: Salvador Perez, Royals (2nd time All-Star)

1B: Edwin Encarnacion, Blue Jays (2nd time All-Star)

1B Jose Abreu, White Sox (1st time All-Star)

2B: Brian Dozier, Twins (1st time All-Star)

2B: Ian Kinsler, Tigers (4th time All-Star)

SS: Alcides Escobar, Royals (1st time All-Star)

3B: Lonnie Chisenhall, Indians (1st time All-Star)

OF: Adam Jones, Orioles (4th time All-Star)

OF: Brett Gardner, Yankees (1st time All-Star)

OF: Melky Cabrera, Blue Jays (2nd time All-Star)

DH: Victor Martinez, Tigers (5th time All-Star)

RHP: Felix Hernandez, Mariners (5th time All-Star)

RHP: Yu Darvish, Rangers (3rd time All-Star)

RHP: Anibal Sanchez, Tigers (1st time All-Star)

RHP: Garrett Richards, Angels (1st time All-Star)

RHP: Corey Kluber, Indians (1st time All-Star)

RHP: Greg Holland, Royals (2nd time All-Star)

RHP: Koji Uehara, Red Sox (1st time All-Star)

LHP: Scott Kazmir, Athletics (3rd time All-Star)

LHP: Dallas Keuchel, Astros (1st time All-Star)

LHP: Mark Buehrle, Blue Jays (5th time All-Star)

LHP: Chris Sale, White Sox (3rd time All-Star)

LHP: David Price, Rays (4th time All-Star)

LHP: Sean Doolittle, Athletics (1st time All-Star)


I was shocked that the hardest position in the starting lineup for me to select was at designated hitter.  Nelson Cruz, Edwin Encarnacion, and Victor Martinez all have been incredible this season and all three very much deserve to be in the starting lineup.  I really don't like the fan voting since popular players will take roster spots away from more deserving players.  Not to say Robinson Cano has been bad but if he wins the fan voting at second base, one of Jose Altuve, Ian Kinsler, and Brian Dozier probably don't make the team, and that'd be a shame.  Derek Jeter, who's performance definitely does not garner an all-star appearance, will make the all-star team just as a life time achievement award.  However, if I was selecting the teams he wouldn't even be one of my top five choices at shortstop.


National League Roster

National League Starting Lineup:

1. LF, Carlos Gomez, Brewers (2nd time All-Star)

2. CF, Andrew McCutchen, Pirates (4th time All-Star)

3. SS, Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies (5th time All-Star)

4. RF, Giancarlo Stanton, Marlins (2nd time All-Star)

5. 1B, Paul Goldschmidt, Diamondbacks (2nd time All-Star)

6. DH, Justin Morneau, Rockies (5th time All-Star)

7. C, Jonathan Lucroy, Brewers (1st time All-Star)

8. 3B, Todd Frazier, Reds (1st time All-Star)

9. 2B, Dee Gordon, Dodgers (1st time All-Star)

Starting Pitcher: Johnny Cueto, Reds (1st time All-Star)


National League Reserves:

C: Devin Mesoraco, Reds (1st time All-Star)

C: Evan Gattis, Braves (1st time All-Star)

1B: Anthony Rizzo, Cubs (1st time All-Star)

2B: Daniel Murphy, Mets (1st time All-Star)

SS: Starlin Castro, Cubs (3rd time All-Star)

3B: Anthony Rendon, Nationals (1st time All-Star)

OF: Yasiel Puig, Dogers (1st time All-Star)

OF: Charlie Blackmon, Rockies (1st time All-Star)

OF: Billy Hamilton, Reds (1st time All-Star)

OF: Hunter Pence, Giants (3rd time All-Star)

RHP: Julio Teheran, Braves (1st time All-Star)

RHP: Craig Kimbrel, Braves (4th time All-Star)

RHP: Jonathan Papelbon, Phillies (6th time All-Star)

RHP: Adam Wainwright, Cardinals (3rd time All-Star)

RHP: Francisco Rodriguez, Brewers (5th time All-Star)

RHP: Tim Hudson, Giants (4th time All-Star)

RHP: Huston Street, Padres (2nd time All-Star)

RHP: Rafael Soriano, Nationals (2nd time All-Star)

RHP: Jeff Samardzija, Cubs (1st time All-Star)

RHP: Josh Beckett, Dodgers (4th time All-Star)

RHP: Alfredo Simon, Reds (1st time All-Star)

RHP: Zack Greinke, Dodgers (2nd time All-Star)

LHP: Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers (4th time All-Star)

LHP: Madison Bumgarner, Giants (2nd time All-Star)


There were some very tough decisions in the starting lineup.  Carlos Gomez and Yasiel Puig have been such exciting and polarizing players to watch, but in the end I gave Gomez the slight edge.  Devin Mesoraco has really broken out this year for the Reds but I gave Jonathan Lucroy the starting nod because he hasn't spent time on the DL.  There are so many great closers in the national league and picking only five was an absolute chore.  You can only imagine how difficult it was to decide which NL starters to make or miss the cut.  Just to show how incredible the National League pitching is, Zack Greinke was the last pitcher to make the team for me and he has a 2.89 ERA and 101 K's.


All-Star Snubs

Unfortunately, 34 spots isn't enough to give proper credit all of the incredible first half performances.  No matter who makes the All-Star picks, there will be some All-Star snubs.  Here is a list of the best players who just missed the cut for my roster.

American League All-star Snubs:

1B: Brandon Moss, Athletics

1B: Albert Pujols, Angels

OF: Yoenis Cespedes, Athletics

RHP: Sonny Gray, Athletics

RHP: Collin McHugh, Astros

RHP: Joakim Soria, Rangers

RHP: Dellin Betances, Yankees

RHP: Wade Davis, Royals


National League All-Star Snubs:

OF: Justin Upton, Braves

1B: Freddie Freeman, Braves

OF: Michael Morse, Giants

RHP: Steve Cishek, Marlins

RHP: Kyle Lohse, Brewers

RHP: Jason Hammel, Cubs

RHP: Lance Lynn, Cardinals

RHP: Tanner Roark, Nationals


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