The New Jersey Nets have reportedly agreed to trade for All Star Shooting Guard Joe Johnson from the Atlanta Hawks. In return, the Hawks recieved Anthony Morrow, Johan Petro, Jordan Williams, Jordan Farmar, DeShawn Stevenson, and Houston's lottery protected pick for this year. 


The trade has been reported to be contingent on if Deron Williams decides to stay in Brooklyn, but ESPN Insider Chris Broussard has denied that and says it will likely go through regardless. Joe Johnson shot 45% from the field last year, and averaged 18.8 PPG. The main bullet point of Johnson is his huge contract, which lasts for the next 3 years, when he will make $25 million dollars. This trade has also reportedly ended the chance that Dwight Howard is traded to Brooklyn this season, due to the fact that the Nets have very few pieces to trade, the Magic don't want to trade Howard to the Nets, and the cap would become an issue. However, Joe Johnson is still a good scorer and will help the Nets become a playoff team in Brooklyn.


Personally, I think Dwight can sign in Brooklyn if he decides to persue Brooklyn next year. The issue is that he would have to take less money to be here, which if he wants to be a Net, he potentially could do that. Also, Brook Lopez could be traded to take his contract off the books, which could open up space for Dwight and another solid bench piece. The Nets would be strapped for cash, but they would be a top 3 force in the East if this were the team they had on the court.


Still, it's good to see the Nets improve their roster for Brooklyn and potentially put another star next to Deron Williams. If Deron Williams decides not to resign, then the trade avenues for Dwight may open back up, as they would have the cap space to get him, and they could potentially get Steve Nash to run the point. Regardless of what happens, I'm sure we can all agree that there was good to come out of this...

Courtesy of Scooby803 of NetsDaily.