It's only been a couple days since the start of Free agency and, we've already seen some commitments from players, and teams as NBA Free agency has been underway. However we still have some impact players without places to call their NBA homes for the 2013 season. Lets take a look at those guys.




2-Time NBA MVP Steve Nash is still in the open market. He was undoubtedly the second PG coveted in the Free agency market. Teams such as the New York Knicks, and the Toronto Raptors have made the strongest push for the veteran floor general. The Raptors have been reported to be willing to offer the max deal (3 years, 36 million). Another franchise has risen as a competitor in the Nash sweepstakes, the Los Angeles Lakers. Could we be in for a Nash & Kobe pairing ? or Could Steve be preparing for the "Big Apple" ? All these scenarios are interesting. Things are heating up for Nash as he goes through his free agency.



Without a doubt Ray Allen is one of the most dangerous shooters this league has ever seen, if not the most dangerous. He has a number of teams highly interested in his services. He will start his free agency festivities Thursday, as he visits the Champion Miami Heat, and following that on Friday the Los Angeles Clippers. The Memphis Grizzles are also in the mix for Allen. This situation is tricky as we all know Ray loves Boston, but their addition of shooting guard Jason Terry could complicate the minutes he wants. Players such as Finals MVP Lebron James have voiced how bad they would like to see Allen on their squad, and for good reason. Where Allen ends up this off season shapes the outlook on either teams playoff hopes.



The biggest story in sports this year, happened on the NBA hardwood, in the concrete jungle. New York was absolutely crazed during the Linsanity phase, as point guard Jeremy Lin made his name known in the Big apple. Now the one time D-Leaguer is the topic of headlines in NYC yet again, this time questions loom whether he will stay or not. The teams in the hunt are of course the New York Knicks, Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks, and the Toronto Raptors. The biggest push has been from Houston, who is reportedly willing to offer a 4 year-40 million dollar deal. Lin will meet with Houston this week. His future in a way depends on Nash's deal, seeing as he is probably behind Nash on most team's target list. I wonder if Linsanity will stay in NY or find a new place to call home.



Indiana has had some headlines this summer. The first was the resignation of their President NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird, the first man to win MVP, Coach of the Year, and Executive of the Year. Now they may also lose talented big man Roy Hibbert. Hibbert is of course a free agent, and he already has an offer on the table. The Portland Trailblazers have offered the 7'2, 250 lbs center a max contract worth 58 million over 4 years. Should he take this deal, Indiana loses some front court depth, and talent. Portland will likely get right back into the playoff scene adding Hibbert with fellow NBA All-star LaMarcus Aldridge. Let's see if Indiana will try to match, or let go of their impact big man.



As you can see there are some crucial free agency situations, and many more. There are still more players unsigned or unsure that can make some big plays for teams, such as Nicolas Batum, Brandon Roy, Jason Kidd, and several other players. We'll continue to keep watch, and provide the NBA off season coverage you need.