Sunday May 5th, sources have confirmed that Lebron James will win another NBA MVP award. This increases his total to 4, putting him in a rare class of athletes that just speaks Hall of Fame. Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, & Wilt Chamberlain are the only other players to have won the MVP award at least four times. Considering himself a historian of the game James has a great sense of pride of this feat "I'm a historian of the game," he said. "I know the game. I know these guys paved the way for myself and the rest of us." Pave the way they did, but Lebron James has done a sensational job of continuing the pattern of excellence when it comes to elite players.


James finished the regular season with a stat line of 26.8 PPG, 7.3 APG, 8.0 RPG, & all while shooting at an amazing .565 FG%. This was also Lebron's best year from beyond the arc having a career year at .406%. We also saw him go on a tear averaging 30 ppg, while shooting 60% or more 6 straight games, & engineer a 27 game winning streak. However the best we've seen from the King this year has been as always his team play making sure everyone on the floor with him is a weapon, and his improved confidence in late game situations. Now in the playoffs the 2009, '10, '12, & now 2013 NBA MVP has his team resting after sweeping the 8th seeded Milwaukee Bucks, and waiting for the winner of the Chicago Bulls vs Brooklyn Nets series.


Now of course the King's humble self kept it politically correct with the media during practice in response to his upcoming accomplishment, but all-star teammate Dwyane Wade gave his take it "He continues to work at it. That's what makes him special. He leaves nothing to chance." And work on it he does, you'd have to think it takes being an elite player to keep improving your game despite already being the absolute best at this moment. With elite players such as Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant finding ways to stay in the mix, the feat seems even more special.


Despite the incredible honor that awaits, and the company Lebron James will be apart of he still has work to do. And he knows it always citing that his main goal is to help lead the Miami Heat to more championships. Still Lebron knows he can be better, that's right better than the 4 time NBA MVP that he is. And in essence James feels he has to be better: "I don't know my ceiling," James said. "I don't stop trying to improve my game -- just like today, being in here with Rio and Ray, the last guys to leave the court. I want to continue to maximize what I have."


The last question is whether or not James will be the unanimous winner. If so it would be the first unanimous winner in NBA history, and if not someone has a lot of backing up to do for their vote. The Heat will host the winner of the Chicago Bulls vs Brooklyn Nets series Monday. Until then South beach can celebrate another accomplishment for the NBA's very best.