Chances are, if you're a sports fan, regardless of the sport, you've heard of Jason Kidd. For those who have been living under a rock, Jason Kidd was the 2nd overall pick in the '94 draft, and he played there with the Mavericks until 1996. He then played for the Suns until 2001, during which time he played for the Nets. In his first season with the team, the Nets made a 26 win improvement and had their first 50 win season in franchise history. He would go on to lead the Nets to two consecutive NBA Finals appearances, however they would lose both. He set many all time Nets records before his departure in 2008 to the Dallas Mavericks. He played there until 2012, and this past season he signed with the New York Knicks as a free agent. He retired after the season, and now we're here- Jason Kidd is the next head coach of the Brooklyn Nets.

Kidd was always a ridiculously smart player on the court, as he was the literall definition of a floor general. When he was on the floor, it was like having a second coach on the team. He always knew where to be and what to do in certain situations. He's always been a leader of whatever team he's played on, especially the Nets and the Championship winning Mavericks team. It would seem like Kidd is the perfect fit to coach the Nets, given his prior success with the franchise and the league itself, but there are still some very unsettling things to think about.

The main one that jumps out at me is this- what if this doesn't work?

What do you do with Jason Kidd, one of, if not, the only immortal New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets ever if the Nets regress and are a shell of themselves? It's a very similar issue the New York Rangers are facing as they debate whether or not Mark Messier should be brought in as their next head coach; if they're not good, how do you fire one of your franchise's all time best players, especially if they don't want to leave? This could lead to devastating results, similar to what the Islanders experienced with players from their Dynasty teams for many years. As a Nets fan for many years, I obviously want to root for Kidd to do well, but this team is also built to win now, so we can't waste seasons seeing if Kidd can become a coach in this league. Plus, alienating a fanbase from their move beloved superstar, and vice versa, is a lot easier than it may seem. One bad season, and Kidd will be hearing boo's, especially since this is not the same Nets that we saw over 10 years ago. 

With all that out of the way, I do believe that Jason Kidd can be a very good head coach. However, I don't think the Nets are a proper place for him to start.

The Nets are a veteran team, with the exception of a few young players such as Brook Lopez, MarShon Brooks, Tyshawn Taylor and Tornique Shengelia. Every Net remembers that game where Kidd hit that three in the Barclay's Center this season, a play that very easily could've been an offensive foul on Kidd. Deron Williams and Jason Kidd are extremely close, so close that they regularly seen together in public. The point I'm trying to raise, is that will these Nets respect a Jason Kidd, who is two weeks removed from his playing career, as a coach? Obviously, they all respect him as a player, but being a coach is completely different. It's going to be hard to come in and command respect from players that are so close to him in age, as well as Kidd coming off of his playing career so recently.  I think a good starting point for Kidd would've been a younger team, just to get his feet wet. Perhaps a team like the Bobcats or the Hornets would be a pretty good place to start, but it makes me extremely uneasy that Kidd will be coaching the Nets, despite having no coaching experience.

Kidd's supposed staff will feature ex-Nets coach Lawrence Frank, who was last season on the Nets sideline starting this last season with the team 0-16. However, this doesn't mean he was a bad coach, as he does own a US Sports record, winning the first 13 that he coached with the Nets. I think it would be safe to assume that the Brooklyn Nets will not lose their first 16 games next year.

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