With the NHL Lockout coming into effect the 15th, there is much sadness in the world of hockey fans. However, about a half an hour before that, the Islanders resigned the hard-hitting Matt Martin to a four year extension. 

Matt Martin is not a skill player, but he is a skilled player. Primarily, his role on any team is a 3rd or 4th line winger with a knack for hitting hard, playing solid defense, and being able to chip in offensively from time to time. Last year, he secured his place in NHL record books with a season high 374 hits in one season. That averages to 4.675 hits/game, in a season where he missed two games. He scored 14 points as well, but at age 23 he still has a lot of time to develop and grow all the aspects of his game.

If you go to the Coliseum, you're almost garaunteed to see someone wearing a Matt Martin jersey or shirt. Since he got here, he's become a fan favorite for his hardnose style of play. He never quits on either end of the ice, no matter the score. I think I speak for all Islander fans when I say that I am extremely happy to have 4 more years of Matt Martin, even if the first one is locked out. Hopefully, Matt can be apart of the turn around and defend the players on their road to an eventual Stanley Cup Championship.

Martin fighting Sabres' defenseman Mike Weber. Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports