It was apparent in high school, we saw a preview of it in college where he attended Davidson, but as he takes the grand stage known as the NBA playoffs Stephen Curry has shown the world he is big time. So much so that one could say he has elevated to elite status. What we've seen from Curry so far has the NBA fans in admiration, and if the playoffs gave out an MVP right now there is not question he'd win it.


Drafted 7th overall in the 2009 NBA draft Curry fell below the likes of Hasheem Thabeet, & Johnny Flynn which makes you wonder if the scouts from that time still have a job. What are these teams missing that Golden State is utilizing? For starters Curry is the best shooter in the world.


That's right I went there (Sorry Kevin Durant), and it's not just his ability to shoot 45% from beyond the arc, or make some of the most graceful floaters the NBA has seen in a while. His ability to create his own shots, as well as capitalize on catch & shoot situations is lethal. His ball handling, and court vision is also another elite quality to his play that has him on another level than most this post season.


The numbers also speak for themselves as Curry has averaged 27.1 PPG, & 9.6 AST all while shooting .479% from the field (.449% from 3-pt land) this post season. Now this may come as a shock to Steph Curry newcomers, but to the Warrior Fans that have watched him all season long this was just waiting to explode on the scene. Warriors head coach Mark Jackson who knew Curry's time would come telling the media he's seen this for a while, and labeling him as an "Elite" player. With all of that said Curry was snubbed from the 2013 NBA Western All-star team.


Despite the loss to the Spurs last night Curry had his Warriors on top for most of the game with a brilliant performance (44 pts, 11 ast, 22 points in the 3rd QTR alone). Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich has been aware of Curry's dominance as well, in the regular season after losing to the Warriors Popovich compared his shooting ability to the likes of Michael Jordan himself. Curry responded with "Was he drunk when he said that?"


Whether or not his play reminds you of MJ, or his father Dell Curry former sharp shooter of the NBA Stephen has made a mark of his own. There is nothing more celebrated in the world of sports than playing at an elite level in the times in which it matters most. This is just the beginning of what I believe will be a sensational career. And you have to be wondering...If Steph Curry is doing all of this on a bad ankle, then imagine what he will do with full healthy seasons. Steph Curry is big time, he's fun to watch, and yes he's elite. There aren't many guards I'd take over him going forward, and it feels right saying that.


Steph Curry, and his Golden State Warriors will look to even their series up with the San Antonio Spurs Wednesday, May 8th at 9:30pm. Broadcasted on the TNT network.