New York Jets GM John Idzik hasn't wasted any time in the rebuilding process since he was hired in January.  Since Idzik joined the organization, the Jets have made some major changes to their roster. 

In March, the Jets picked up David Garrard; former Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback who hasn't played since 2010.  Some thought, okay, another quarterback, that means more competition for the starting spot. Keep in mind that Sanchez, Tebow, McElroy, and Simms were all on the roster at the time.  Five quarterbacks on the same roster?  Just wait, it gets better. 

The Jets spotlight was dimmed for about a month until Revis talks with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers started heating up.  It was reported that the Jets and Bucs were coming close to reaching a deal on April 19 and 20.  When the trade was finalized on Sunday, April 21, the Jets were criticized for trading their best player.  The Jets were also criticized for how they dealt with Revis throughout this entire offseason.  Regardless, the Jets captured media attention yet again.  

Because the Revis trade happened the week leading up to the 2013 NFL Draft, the Jets decided to take advantage of the media spotlight they were already in by making bold moves at the draft.  

They used their ninth pick to draft Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner, who was arguably the best corner in the draft.  With this pick, it seemed that the Jets were on the right track for the draft.  But then, they chose Sheldon Richardson, a defensive lineman from Missouri, with the thirteenth pick they acquired in the Revis trade. 

The Jets thirteenth pick marks the third consecutive year that they have chosen a defensive lineman in the first round. By picking Richardson, the Jets passed up on Tyler Eifert, a talented tight end from Notre Dame and Cordarrelle Patterson, a wideout from Tennessee.  

Richardson also meant another thing to Jets fans: it's apparent that Rex has a lot of influence on draft picks. The Jets decision to pick Richardson over Eifert and Patterson put them back on the wrong side of media talks following the first round of the draft.   

Going into round two of the draft, there were talks that the Jets would pick Geno Smith.  Those talks came into fruition when Wayne Chrebet, former wide receiver for the Jets, announced, "With the 39th pick of the 2013 NFL Draft, the New York Jets select Geno Smith, quarterback West Virginia." 

Right away, ESPN analysts discussed that the Jets basically stole Smith, because he was projected to go in the first round.  They also were concerned if the Jets were the right team for him, because they're worried that the organization might rush him into the starting role. 

Shortly after the announcement, Geno Smith claimed that the Jets are going to the playoffs this upcoming season.  Of course this comment made headlines, as well as the fact that the Jets picked up their sixth (and no, that is not a typo) quarterback.  

Many referred to the quarterback situation as a circus; Rich Cimini, Jets beat writer for ESPN New York, wrote, "Forget Six Flags.  There's a new amusement park in New Jersey: Six Quarterbacks." 

Following the pick, the cover of The New York Post had a picture of Geno Smith with the headline "B'WAY GENO." 

The Jets gave sports journalists more to talk about less than 72 hours after they picked "Broadway Geno" by releasing quarterback Tim Tebow.  The organization, again, faced scrutiny with how they used, or didn't use, Tebow in their offensive scheme.   So that makes one less quarterback on the roster, bringing the grand total down to five.  

This morning on ESPN radio's Mike & Mike show, Idzik said, "It's an open competition." He continued to say that the competition for the starting job will help every quarterback on the roster improve. "I think the more quality, depth and competition you can bring in at the position, it makes everybody better." 

This left many wondering: how will this "open competition" work with five quarterbacks?  There's only a certain number of reps three quarterbacks can fit into one practice, how is it going to work with five? 

There's no doubt that the Jets will continue to make headlines.  There's no way that they will go into training camp with five quarterbacks; it's only a matter of time before they make headlines again. 

Unfortunately, for the Jets and their fans, the amount of time the team spends in headlines isn't related at all to their performance on the field.  Making the front page of The New York Post or being the most discussed topic on ESPN won't help the Jets win games.