Brooklyn in the house! Since free agency started a few weeks ago, the Brooklyn Nets have been extremely active in building a team that is capable of winning right now, and so far have succeeded in greatly improving the roster to this point. Let's discuss the roster by position, starting with the point guard.


Point Guard  

The most obvious exclamation point to the Nets offseason so far was the fact that they have retained the Olympic player that is Deron Williams. The team took a huge risk in acquiring him a season and a half ago, but now it all appears to have been worth it, seeing as Williams has agreed to make Brooklyn his home for the next 5 years. The Nets also drafted a point guard in the second round of the NBA draft, a player by the name of Tyshawn Taylor. So far in the summer league, he is ranked as the #1 rookie on's Rookie ladder- ahead of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Harrison Barnes, and Jarred Sullinger. The Nets also acquired veteran C.J. Watson to become the second string behind Williams. This signing bolsters the position, and I wouldn't expect to see any more point guards brought in this offseason. So as of now, the depth at the point guard position looks like Williams-Watson-Taylor. 


Shooting Guard   

Probably the second biggest exclamation point was the acquisition of 6 time All-Star Joe Johnson to play the 2 guard next to Deron. The acquisition was so big, Deron was even quoted saying it was the deciding factor in his decision to stay here in Brooklyn. Johnson is coming off an injury plagued season and possesses one of basketball's worst contracts, but he still is a top 5 shooting guard in the league, and being paired with Williams will only help him. The Nets also still have sophomore MarShon Brooks, who was drafted 25th overall last season and provided solid offensive production off the bench. He also has played well in the summer league, and his role is expected to climb this season. The Nets also signed veteran Jerry Stackhouse, who most likely will not receive many minutes unless someone falls to injury, so his signing isn't worth discussing much. Currently, the situation at SG would be Johnson-Brooks-Stackhouse, barring injuries. Something worth noting is that MarShon Brooks is currently on the trading block, but there are no trades imminent.


Small Forward 

Last season, Gerald Wallace was acquired at the trade deadline in exchange for Mehmet Okur, Shawne Williams, and the to-be 6th overall pick. Many saw this as a desperation move, but it actually aided in Deron's decision to stay. On top of that, Wallace is a more than capable defensive player who can chip in on the offensive end, and he signed a 4 year extension with the Nets as soon as he was able to do so. While Wallace is a very good option at the 3, there are some question marks in terms of a formidable back up. Rookie Tornike Shengelia has been tearing apart the Summer League and appears to be making a case for himself to earn the spot here. He was drafted 54th overall, primarily to be stashed overseas and get experience there, but he personally requested to be at the Summer League and is making the most of the opportunity. He is currently ranked #10 on the rookie ladder, and has a small buyout and won't be able to make too much money in the early going. The Nets also signed Mirza Teletovic, who I will talk about more in the power forward paragraph, but Tele is able to play the 3 as well. Assuming they keep Shengelia, the depth chart will most likely read Wallace-Teletovic-Shengelia.


Power Forward  

The Nets made a bit of a splash in free agency, signing the Bosnian stretch forward Mirza Teletovic, presumably to start at the power forward position next to Dwight Howard, who they had hoped to acquire via trade. Teletovic was the leading scorer in the Euro League this past season, and is expected to be a very good outside scorer at the NBA level. He was able to knock down NBA three's in Europe, posses a very strong post move to get to the basket. They did not get Howard however, as they retained Brook Lopez, so they are in need of a power forward who can rebound and give them decent defense. The most likely candidate is Kris Humphries, rebounding machine, ex husband to Kim Kardashian, and a player the Nets have Bird rights to. Hump averaged a double double in points and rebounds last year, and is reportedly in talks with the Nets on an extension. The Nets also acquired Reggie Evans via sign and trade from the Los Angeles Clippers, and he also rebounds very well, but isn't entirely capable of splitting time as a starter. As of now, assuming the Nets keep Humphries, the depth chart would look like this: Hump/Teletovic-Evans.



The Nets longest tenured player will return to be the starting Center in Brooklyn this coming season- Brook Lopez. Lopez has been criticized for his poor rebounding abilities, but he has become a top 3 offensive threat from the center position. He was limited to only 5 games last season, but in them, he averaged almost 20 points per game, and dropped 40 against the Dallas Mavericks in one of them. These totals were only in about 27 minutes of play a game, which dropped his totals significantly. Lopez recently signed a 4 year extension with the team, and is looking for redemption this season. There is no sure backup to this point, but a few names have been tossed around, such as Jeff Foote and Darko Milicic. Time will tell as to who backs up the Brookie Monster, but Lopez will be the starter for the forseeable future.


So there is all the news regarding the Brooklyn Nets up to this point. If there are any breaking News stories about the Nets, they will recieve their own articles from here on out. Be on the look out, and Brooklyn, we go hard!