Rondo and KG dominated Game 1
The Boston Celtics continue to prove that age is nothing but a number. The TD Garden saw something we haven't seen much from old timer Kevin Garnett. Much like his Minnesota days KG was the best scorer on the court putting up a stat line of  29 points, 11 rebounds, and 3 blocks. Flashy numbers for the "leagues dirtiest player" according to Atlanta Hawk's co-owner Michael Gearon Jr. Still despite the great game from KG, the biggest stat line to me was star Point Guard  Rajon Rondo's with 13 points, 17 assists, and 12 rebounds. Recording his 8th career triple double in the post season. This isn't the first time we've seen him play some of the best all around basketball in recent years, as he led the NBA in triple doubles this season.

The Celtics played convincingly, but the win must have been heart wrenching for Celtic fans. A one point win (92-91)  against the leagues youngest team the 76ers who proved to be more than a walk in the park for the Celtics. The Sixer's speed, transition basketball, and athleticism was a strong plus for them. What proved to be the Achilles heel for the Sixers was experience as they continued to take horrible shots during the last 4 minutes of the game and looked out of sync. The Celtics on the other hand know what it takes the win in the playoffs, in every round. The only thing that can prevent them from doing so is if their injuries catch up to them, or they just run into a better team.

As for now I don't think the 76ers are one of those better teams. They are too young for certain situations, and lack chemistry in the closing minutes of the game. Yes the Celtics barely made it out alive in this game 1, but they showed me enough evidence to predict where this game will go. Rajon Rondo continues to be the best Point Guard in the NBA (in my opinion) putting up ridiculous stat lines, and hitting his open jump shots with ease. The aging big three with Garnett, Pierce, and Allen will always be a factor, and continue to make big plays when needed.

Prediction : Celtics take this series 4-2