Giant fans once again find themselves in one of the most confusing times of the season. To panic or not to panic is the question many people ask when the Giants make it interesting with less than 2 weeks till the NFL playoffs. With a one game lead in the hotly contested NFC East, and rivals such as the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys looking to make runs for the top spot Sundays much anticipated matchup against the Atlanta Falcons was crucial. Sadly the Giants could not capitalize suffering a 34-0 beating to the Falcons, and ultimately losing the lead in the NFC East.













What does this mean for the Giants, and their playoff hopes? It means the road to the playoffs gets harder, or in an extreme case there will be no playoffs for the defending champions. Here are the following scenarios that end in the Giants clinching the NFC East, or losing their chance to make a play off run.



Clinching the NFC East:

 Scenario 1- Giants defeat Ravens [Vikings, Bears, Cowboys, & Redskins lose or tie]

-The chances of this happening are very slim. Chicago has Arizona this week which should be an easy win for them. Plus RGIII, and the Redskins will  be playing against the Eagles which most likely ends up as a win for them.



Scenario 2- Giants defeat Ravens [Cowboys tie, and Redskins, Vikings, & Redskins lose]

-More of the same with this scenario. Like I stated before the Redskins, and Bears have matchups this week that are in their favor. The Giants pretty much have to win this week, or things could go sour really fast in the big apple.




 Giants lose to Ravens [Redskins, Cowboys, and Seahawks all win]

-This can't happen if you are the Giants. That is why this game is a must win, and it won't be easy heading into baltimore. Look for Eli, and co. to be on their toes the entire game because losing this means no chance at repeating for the champs.












Sunday will be do or die for the defending champions. For Giants fans it would be heartbreaking to end the season that short knowing the talent, and potential this team shows in the post season. The New York Giants get ready to fight for a playoff spot, as they will visit the Baltimore Ravens, December 23rd at 1pm. Only on Fox.